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The silence gets us nowhere gets us no where way to fast

so far away

Alright, I win this time.. Debit Account: $0.00 @natashachristyn @EricaNickerson1 #ComeOnFriday

Listening to You Found Me by The Fray #nowplaying #grooveshark via @grooveshark

I’m unsure about a lot of things, but I’m so sure about you.

So so happy

Apparently it doesn’t work that good Lol

What a perfect night.

Everybody wants freedom, but nobody wants to hear about faith.

If you can fart in front of them with 0 fucks given you know its legit!

Got an award at work for setting the bar ;)

Got an award at work for setting the bar ;)

Anxiety.. we meet again. I knew you would be back. I’m sorry but I didn’t miss you.

Why the iPad mini 3 is a gigantic ripoff via @cultofmac Good job #Apple, dicks. #keynote #iPadMini3