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Holy freaking addicted to this song! #TGIF Brantley Gilbert - Small Town Throwdown ft. Justin Moore, Thomas Rhett:

Her summertime smile feels so good it hurts..

And man, it’s on tonight, ridin’ ‘til the morning light, Crank that country up loud, it’s a small town throwdown

Happy Late Birthday Brother! @KDrama513 Big 30! I’m almost there.. is it really as bad as they say? haha

It’s my fault. I should’ve seen it coming.

What’s more awkward than finding a random pair of underwear under your seat? Finding your own and not knowing where they came from Lol

Not gonna lie.. crazy excited for this!! #appleevent #iphone6 #appleconfrence #iNerd #apple #iPhone #upgradetime

There’s a party back in the woods tonight, Heard it through the redneck grapevine.


A relationship is only worth the amount of time and effort you put into it.

I just don’t know..


Lake Tahoe, CA by (earthtoandrea)

My heart’s on my sleeve, but it’s turning black. Without your touch I’m not gonna last.

Human VTEC @d.grizzy #humanvtec #vtec